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Humanity's true moral test consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy.

Our team


Frantisek Bostl
Chairman of the Board


Tomas Mikes
Board member


Iva Bostlova
Board member


Kristyna Korinkova
Board member

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Happiness manager

Projects & donations

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A global donation app to save our planet

We are building a platform that will unite the world in the fight to save our home. Our planet suffers from human activity. And that's why we are here. We are VAKOVAKO. A global donation app. A global movement. To make things change. Comming out in 2023. Find more!

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A little help for big hearts

In the fight against childhood cancer or in the care of abused children, we provide funding where the system overlooks it. GRANTER's main mission is to help the little ones and make it easier for the big ones who take care of everything.
We have come across the problem of underfunding of important positions such as child psychologists, data managers or educators in oncology clinics at teaching hospitals and in transitional family care facilities. Find more!

Long-term financial and material aid to abandoned animal shelters

Countless private animal shelters operate in the Czech Republic, which cannot cope with the onslaught of found, abused and abandoned animals. It is challenging for them, especially from a financial point of view, to take care of these animals, find them new owners or provide them with the necessary veterinary care. That is why the Emanek project was created, which helps them financially and materially. Find more!

Financial aid to national defenders and animals in danger

Ukraine is facing an unprecedented invasion by Russian troops. We immediately send financial assistance of EUR 40,000 to the Post Bellum. This NGO purchased medical supplies, protective vests, helmets, gloves, sleeping bags, tents, radios, batteries, drones, thermal imaging and food defenders of Ukraine.

We also sent EUR 20,000 to the Ukrainian organization UAnimals. This NGO distributed our donation among Ukrainian shelters, rescue stations and animal asylums. Let's not forget those who can't protect themselves!


Construction of a playground for Klokanek in Chomutov

We built and financed a playground in Chomutov Klokanek. Total cost CZK 362,460. The children here have not yet had suitable conditions for play, which is a very important part of dealing with difficult life situations and traumas.


Reconstruction of the Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Motol University Hospital

At Motol University Hospital, we co-financed the reconstruction of the Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology. We provided a donation in the total amount of CZK 488,914.

The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for.


Endowment fund NF2091

Nadacni fond 2091
Plynarni 1617/10, Praha 7
CIN: 118 93 184

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